Smarty 3.1.1 发布,PHP模板引擎

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作者: 海纳百川
2011-09-26 00:00:00


Smarty 3.1.1 改进记录:

- bugfix {foreachelse} does fail if {section} was nested inside {foreach}
- bugfix debug.tpl did not display correctly when it was compiled with escape_html = true

- remove unused properties
- optimization use real function instead anonymous function for preg_replace_callback
- bugfix a relative {include} in child template blocks failed
- bugfix direct setting of $template_dir, $config_dir, $plugins_dir in __construct() of an
extended Smarty class created problems

- bugfix error muting was not implemented for cache locking

- removed internal muteExpectedErrors() calls in favor of having the implementor call this once from his application
- optimized muteExpectedErrors() to pass errors to the latest registered error handler, if appliccable
- added compile_dir and cache_dir to list of muted directories
- improvment better error message for undefined templates at {include}

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