Smarty 3.1.0 发布,PHP模板引擎

来源: 投稿
作者: 海纳百川
2011-09-21 00:00:00


Notable 3.1 changes/features:

  • Smarty 2 BC removed from codebase, use SmartyBC.class.php for this
  • Full UTF-8 compatibility with all plugins
  • Default Template Handler for handling non-exiting template files
  • Default Config Handler for handling non-exiting config files
  • Default Plugin Handler for handling non-exiting plugin files
  • {block hide} feature when no corresponding child block is found
  • {setfilter}{/setfilter} to apply filters to a specific block of template code
  • Improved Template Resource API
  • Improved Cache Resource API
  • Relative paths in template files {include file="../header.tpl"}
  • Access to specific $template_dir via array index
  • Access multiple template resources with extends: feature
  • Simple global HTML escapement option with escape_html property
  • Compile-Check on cache miss option
  • Automatic template recompile on Smarty upgrade
  • New Getters/Setters for main Smarty directory configuration



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