Seccubus是一个自动化调用Nessus实施常规安全扫描的工具,它能够把当前扫描结果 与之前的扫描结果进行比较并且能够以Web接口的形式报告详细信息。该工具的主要目标是使重复扫描更有效率。

目前,Seccubus更新至 2.0.alpha4版,新版本改变具体如下:

    # Nmap support: Scanning with Nmap is supported from the same server that is running the Nessus Seccubus GUI. The results of the Nessus Policy Compliance family of plugins is now supported
    # These plugins are different in the sense that they return multiple results all direntified by a single pluginID
    # Bigs fixed (tickets closed):

        * #8 – Integrate nmap scans into Seccubus

        * #50 – scanners/nessus/scan should give a clear error message when ruby is not on system