Hibernate Search 4.0.0.Beta1 发布

发布于 2011年09月16日
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从 Alpha2 到 Beta1,今天 Hibernate Search 团队很高兴的发布了 4.0 的首个 Beta 版本,完整改进记录请看 Jira release notes. 值得关注的改进有:

  • The parameter list of the annotation org.hibernate.search.annotation.Field has changed (HSEARCH-710, HSEARCH-711).
  • The annotation mixed the concepts of analyzing and storing of norms into a single index parameter (NO, TOKENIZED, UN_TOKENIZED and NO_NORMS).
  • There was no option for analyzed indexing while storing no norms and the terminology was using the term tokenizing instead of analyzing.
  • For this reason we changed the API and made the different choices more explicit:
     @Field(index=Index.YES|NO, analyze=Analyze.YES|NO, norms=Norms.YES|NO, ...) 
  • Another important API change is the ability to access an IndexReader by name (HSEARCH-903). For this purpose an new interface IndexReaderAccessor got introduced. It can be accessed via SearchFactory#getIndexReaderAccessor. The interface offers the following methods:
    public interface IndexReaderAccessor {
    	IndexReader open(Class... entities);
    	IndexReader open(String... indexNames);
    	void close(IndexReader indexReader);
  • Last but not least, you can now project on fields added by custom bridges (HSEARCH-890).

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