Moa 1.2.6 发布,个人画廊

发布于 2011年09月14日
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Moa 1.2.6 发布,Moa 是一个轻量级、易于使用的个人画廊,适合做为现有网页的功能延伸和补充。它可分为二级画廊,以显示图像的结构方式显示。

Changes: Any gallery containing images now has a 'View slideshow' option. The delay between images and whether to show comments are available as options. Rather than choosing a template from a drop-down list, now templates have their own admin page with a screenshot to see what you are choosing. Code refactoring. Now uses mostly JQuery. Some animation has been added to notifications. The packaging script now minifies JS and CSS files. Upgrading can now delete outdated directories as well as files.

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