Redis 7.0.5 发布,使用最广泛的缓存服务

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2022-10-04 08:34:47


  • (CVE-2022-35951) Executing a XAUTOCLAIM command on a stream key in a specific state, with a specially crafted COUNT argument, may cause an integer overflow, a subsequent heap overflow, and potentially lead to remote code execution. The problem affects Redis versions 7.0.0 or newer [reported by Xion (SeungHyun Lee) of KAIST GoN].

Module API changes

  • Fix RM_Call execution of scripts when used with M/W/S flags to properly handle script flags (#11159)
  • Fix RM_SetAbsExpire and RM_GetAbsExpire API registration (#11025, #8564)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a hang when eviction is combined with lazy-free and maxmemory-eviction-tenacity is set to 100 (#11237)
  • Fix a crash when a replica may attempt to set itself as its master as a result of a manual failover (#11263)
  • Fix a bug where a cluster-enabled replica node may permanently set its master's hostname to '?' (#10696)
  • Fix a crash when a Lua script returns a meta-table (#11032)

Fixes for issues in previous releases of Redis 7.0

  • Fix redis-cli to do DNS lookup before sending CLUSTER MEET (#11151)
  • Fix crash when a key is lazy expired during cluster key migration (#11176)
  • Fix AOF rewrite to fsync the old AOF file when a new one is created (#11004)
  • Fix some crashes involving a list containing entries larger than 1GB (#11242)
  • Correctly handle scripts with a non-read-only shebang on a cluster replica (#11223)
  • Fix memory leak when unloading a module (#11147)
  • Fix bug with scripts ignoring client tracking NOLOOP (#11052)
  • Fix client-side tracking breaking protocol when FLUSHDB / FLUSHALL / SWAPDB is used inside MULTI-EXEC (#11038)
  • Fix ACL: BITFIELD with GET and also SET / INCRBY can be executed with read-only key permission (#11086)
  • Fix missing sections for INFO ALL when also requesting a module info section (#11291)
2022-10-04 10:34
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