PrimeFaces 3.0.M3 发布

发布于 2011年08月30日
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PrimeFaces是一个用于提高JSF Web应用程序开发效率的开源类库。

PrimeFaces M3 发布了,包含超过 140 项提升,17个新组件,更好的 portlet 支持等等,详细内容:

  • New component: TimeLine
  • New component: FeedReader
  • New component: Sheet
  • New component: Subtable
  • New Chart Types: Donut, Bubble, MeterGauge, OHLC and Area.
  • Reimplemented AccordionPanel (Multiple selection, dynamic tab model)
  • Reimplemented TabView (Closable tabs, dynamic tab model)
  • Reimplemented Tooltip
  • Reimplemented ThemeSwitcher
  • Reimplemented Carousel
  • Reimplemented Dialog (Minimizable, Maximizable, Lazy mode)
  • Reimplemented ConfirmDialog
  • Reimplemented AutoComplete (dropdown mode, customizable content)
  • Reimplemented TreeTable (Ajax toggling, scrollable, resizable, events)
  • Improved support for multiple PrimeFaces portlets.
  • Important fixes to LazyLoading DataTable.
  • Introduced rowKey and SelectableDataModel for enhanced DataTable selection.
  • Customizable content for picklist.
  • Circle and Rectangle support for GMap.
  • ContextMenu integration with tree, treeTable and dataTable.
  • Scrolling improvements for datatable like horizontal scrolling and col resize.
  • MetaKey and Shift key support for multiple selection in datatable.
  • Major maintenance on fileUpload component.
  • Charting features like interactive legend, text rotation and more.
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