JBoss DNA 0.5 发布

编辑: 红薯

JBoss DNA项目旨在构建一个符合JCR规范的统一的元数据资源库系统。

This release brings quite a few new features. First and foremost, this release brings a new technique for configuring the JBoss DNA engine that is much easier and works programmatically or via a configuration file (or configuration repository). JBoss DNA also supports defining node types with CND files, and allows registration of new node types using the same approach as in JSR-283. (There's even a new CND sequencer.) All of our examples now use JBoss DNA as the JCR implementation.
By the way, JBoss DNA supports all JCR Level 1 features except XPath queries, and all JCR Level 2 features except authorization, referential integrity for reference properties, re-ordering of orderable child nodes, workspace cloning and corresponding nodes, workspace copying. This release includes some features we'll need in the next release to close the gap on JCR compatibility. We've been reserving the "1.0" release label for when we reach compatibility with Level 1 and Level 2 (plus some optional features), and we're getting really close!
Another great feature we've added is a new RESTful web service front end to JBoss DNA. Deploying to a web server is pretty easy, and your applications and use HTTP and JSON to access or update repository content. Although the initial version of this REST server only supports the JBoss DNA JCR implementation, it has been designed to make integration with other JCR implementors easy.
This release also sees an enhanced connector framework, and we improved most of our connectors in some way. The federation connector was completely rewritten to leverage a fork-join type algorithm for parallel execution and pushdowns. The SVN connector is pretty cool, though it's currently read-only and doesn't yet push events.
The last improvement I'll note is that we've improved the ability for JBoss DNA to use an authentication and authorization system. It works with JAAS (see one of our example applications) and with servlet container security.
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