cdcat 1.4 发布,音乐目录程序

发布于 2011年08月06日
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cdcat 1.4 发布,cdcat 是一个基于 Qt 开发的图形化的音乐目录程序,使用XML格式存储音乐文件的信息。

更新日志:This address adds archive content scanning. The track number is now supported when scanning MP3s. On Mac OS X the Volumes directory is now shown in the media tree, allowing you to scan external volumes. The history menu now shows the last used document at the top and the comment widget allows text larger than the viewport to be seen. The whereisit XML file now has correctly set DVD media, handles different date formats, handles the new style comments, and has improved import speed and a progress bar. French, Italian, and Serbian translations were re-included.

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