ModeShape 2.6.0.Beta2 发布

发布于 2011年08月05日
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ModeShape 团队刚刚发布了 2.6 版本的第二个 Beta 版,可通过 downloads page 页下载,同时也更新了文档页,包括:Reference GuideGetting Started Guide, and JavaDoc.

与 Beta1 版本比较,2.6.0.Beta2 包含了一些新特性、改进和bug修复,主要有:

  • kits for JBoss Application Server 5.x and 6.x
  • improved overall performance
  • new disk-based storage connector
  • added cache support in several connectors
  • pluggable authentication and authorization
  • the JPA connector now support configuring/using Hibernate 2nd-level cache
  • improved BINARY property support for large files
  • automatically use the JDK logger if SLF4J binding is not available
  • upgraded to Infinispan 4.2.1.Final
  • faster startup of the ModeShape engine
  • full support in the file system connector for ‘mix:referenceable’ and REFERENCE properties
  • over two dozen bug fixes
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