Amarok 2.4.3 发布,多媒体播放器

发布于 2011年08月01日
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Amarok 是基于 KDE 桌面环境编写多媒体播放器,Amarok的功能很强大,而且界面也可以与SongBird媲美。

Changes: The visual design was tweaked, removing the status bar at the bottom, and replacing it with more focused notifications up top, or where they make most sense. You’ll also see some nice new visual effects in the layout as well. The new Dynamic Playlist should be easier to understand. Some of the functionality changes are: a new AlbumPlay example playlist, a Quiz-play bias that will pick a song that starts with the same character the last one ended with, and preventing duplicate tracks. You will notice that you can now drag and drop on Collections, to copy or move within Local Music.

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