BaseX 6.7.1 发布,XML数据库

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作者: 小卒过河
2011-07-29 00:00:00

BaseX 6.7.1 发布,BaseX 是一个XML数据库,用来存储紧缩的XML数据,提供了高效的 XPath 和 XQuery 的实现,还包括一个前端操作界面。

Changes: New XQuery functions were added for adding, deleting, renaming, and replacing documents, and optimizing databases. XSLT transformations can be done. All XQuery 3.0 functions are now supported. Tail-call optimizations were made to speed up recursive functions. ADDARCHIVES can be used to parse files within archives. SKIPCORRUPT can be used to skip non-well-formed files. The document index is now incrementally updated. The "Manage Database" GUI dialog now supports operations on multiple databases and glob syntax. Drag and drop operations were added. Clients that repeatedly fail to login are now delayed. Password operations now all use MD5.

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