LiVES 1.4.5 发布,视频编辑、播放软件

发布于 2011年07月24日
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LiVES 1.4.5 发布。LiVES 是一个简单易用但功能强大的视频效果,编辑,转换和播放软件。它使用现有普通工具(MPlayer 的,ImageMagick的,和GTK +),因此它可以在大多数的Unix类系统。它运行的Linux,BSD,Mac OS X中/Darwin文,IRIX上openMosix。这是和抽样准确,可以处理几乎所有类型的视频,并完全通过插件和扩展,包括插件的建设者的工具。它 也可以使用OSC被远程控制。

Changes: Instant opening of some .flv files, a new fade video in/out effect, and a new startup option (-tmpdir) were added. Bugs were fixed to stop PAL formats reverting to NTSC in the x264 encoder, to add fewer blank lines to the ~/.lives file, to prevent showing of the "Loaded subtitles" message when subtitles are not loaded, and to move the correct pointer (start or end) when the timeline is clicked in very long clips. Frames were sometimes being cut after applying effects in virtual clips; this has also been fixed. The code for rendered effects post-processing and dynamic menu building was cleaned up.

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