Webmatic 3.1.0 发布,PHP建站脚本

发布于 2011年07月18日
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Webmatic 是一个开源的 php5 脚本,用来创建一个完整、具备复杂功能的网站。通过 webmatic 控制面板可以管理网站的所有内容,创建具有:论坛、聊天室、新闻、在线调查、用户注册等等多种功能的网站。


1. The menus section has been improved: now you can create secondary menus, dropdown menus, and submenus with n sublevels.
2. Skins have been improved with support for dropdown menus.
3. Now it is possible to pass parameters to an expansion.
4. A field has been added to the panel section that is useful for differentiating access for members or visitors.
5. Now you can insert additional content to the header.
6. Options have been added that allow you to select the printable logo and the user registration form type.
7. Now the superuser can reset the database.
8. Support has been added for the Greek language.
9. 4 other minor bugs were fixed.
10. There is less use of queries and minor code optimizations

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