JRuby gem for GlassFish V3 server

发布于 2008年11月08日
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GlashFish V3 前两天刚除了预发行版本,今天 JRuby 推出了为其定制的版本。


gem install glassfish

* Based on GlassFish v3 Prelude nucleus
o GlassFish v3 Prelude is a production quality application server and the nucleus is based on this final version.
* Rack based
o GlassFish gem is Rack based. This means it would be pretty easy to add any Ruby based web frameworks, such as Merb, Camping, Sinatra, etc.
* Merb support
o Not just Rails, you can start running your Merb applications, simply type glassfish in your Merb application directory.
* Autodetection of application framework
o Simply type glassfish and it will detect what app you are running, whether Rails or Merb
o It means you have to know about only one command glassfish. glassfish_rails is deprected and supported for now due to backward compatibility
* -port or -p option to specify on which port your application runs
* -environment or -e option to specify the Rails development environment, such as production, development or test
* JRuby runtime pool configuration
o Much needed for scaling when running Rails 2.1.x applications
o Not required if running Edge Rails (2.2). Because it is supposed to be MT or atleast MT safe.
o Also, not required for Merb

3964 Provide -port option to specify port for v3 gem
6470 HTTP keep-alive not honored
4823 glassfish_rails command should attempt to load the current directory if none specified
5446 Jruby on Rails show request header in page
21080 Issues reported at rubyforge

Simply type glassfish in your application directory. If not sure see help:

jruby -S glassfish -h

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