ZABBIX: 1.6.1 版本发布

发布于 2008年11月06日
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zabbix 是一个基于WEB界面的提供分布式系统监视以及网络监视功能的企业级的开源解决方案。zabbix 能监视各种网络参数,保证服务器系统的安全运营;并提供柔软的通知机制以让系统管理员快速定位/解决存在的各种问题。

1.6.1 版本改进如下:

:: 新增加的宏
:: 其他方面的改进
* [ZBX-586] added simple check tcp_perf into help_items 
* [DEV-250] added support of under Linux 2.4/2.6 
* [ZBX-576] added IPMI authentication algorithms 
* [ZBX-573] made SQL optimization for PGSQL 
* [ZBX-572] fixed warning messages while updating template linkage 
* [ZBX-570] fixed possible server crash if flexible interval delay is 0 sec. 
* [ZBX-565] fixed filtering of conf->triggers 
* [ZBX-562] fixed improper host group delete action 
* [ZBX-527] fixed possible poller crash 
* [ZBX-533] fixed incorrect SNMP string to float conversion 
* [ZBX-534] fixed problem with email messages for discovery events 
* [ZBX-540] DM: fixed sql error while processing configuration data 
* [ZBX-557] fixed wrong audit action for items enable/disable 
* [ZBX-403] added support of commas in UserParameter's 
* [ZBX-541] fixed overwriting proxies on host import issue 
* [ZBX-542] added processing of nextcheck for active checks 
* [ZBX-504] fixed date selector issue for log items in latest values screen 
* [ZBX-529] removed links from dynamic screen graphs 
* [ZBX-538] fixed wrong theme pick up in login screen issue 
* [ZBX-536] fixed problem with "Unable to add performance counter" 
* [ZBX-535] added support of monitoring files larger than 2GB in windows 
* [ZBX-520] removed action condition "event ack" due to not supported 
* [ZBX-480] fixed patches for sysmaps_links table 
* [ZBX-521] fixed problem in FreeBSD with threads in proc.num and proc.mem items 
* [ZBX-519] removed proxy hosts from applications hosts list 
* [DEV-238] added support of sec|#num for function count() 
* [DEV-238] added support of text items for function count() 
* [ZBX-471] fixed problem with graphs with big values 
* [ZBX-501] fixed undefined values in server info screen 
* [ZBX-469] fixed problem with linking extra graph 
* [ZBX-495] fixed DB upgrade script when doing 1.1->1.4->1.6 
* [ZBX-488] fixed memory leak in ZABBIX server code 
* [ZBX-500] added more debug information for icmpping processing 
* [ZBX-499] fixes problem with IPMI authorization; added field "IPMI IP" 
* [ZBX-484] fixed host-group selection in templates page 
* [ZBX-464] fixed user creation under ldap 
* [ZBX-468] fixed user online status in administration panel 
* [ZBX-492] fixed wrong url "next 100" in audit actions 
* [ZBX-490] fixed undefined variable in latest data 
* [ZBX-481] fixed permission issue in slideshow 
* [ZBX-474] fixed deleting hosts with postgres-backend 
* [ZBX-475] added message on missed php-ldap module 
* [DEV-168] added support of system.cpu.util[] for OpenBSD agents

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