JBossTools 3.0 Beta1 released!

发布于 2008年11月03日
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这是 3.0 版本的第一个公开的测试版,有超过300个 bugfix 和功能改进,详细列表如下:

  • We got initial Seam 2.1.SP support by the hands of Slava and Alexey.
  • Dima made Seam Generate Entities have an UI for selecting exactly the tables you want to generate
  • The pages.xml editor got a face lift by Daniel and Lex
  • OpenOn and Code completions got various improvements and proper ordering by Victor
  • Improved Hibernate Tools JPA project support by Dima
  • Vitali created a brand new source/refactor action which turns your JavaBeans into JPA annotated entities automatically
  • A new tighter and leaner UI for interacting with Servers introduced by Rob Stryker
  • Support for editing external CSS styles directly from Visual Page Editor were added by Dzmitry
  • The Visual Page Editor was made even faster by Maxim
  • Project example Wizard for quick and easy download of JBoss Tools/JBDS ready examples was suggested and implemented by Snjezana
  • Drools plugin is now back into JBoss Tools builds thanks to Kris and Denis
  • We added support for deployment of .esb archives used by JBoss ESB and SOA-P by Denny
  • A conversation wizard from STP BPMN files to jPDL by Grid
  • A first release of the Smooks editor for building data transformations by Dart
  • Updated screencasts by Svetlana and her documentation team

下载地址: http://www.jboss.org/tools/download/


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