Apache 社区发布 OpenEJB 3.1

发布于 2008年11月01日
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OpenEJB是一个嵌入式,轻量级EJB3.0实现。既可以作为单独服务器使用,也可以嵌入到Tomcat、JUnit、Eclipse、 Intellij、Maven、Ant和其它任何IDE与应用程序中。OpenEJB 被用于Apple的WebObjects与Apache的Geronimo应用服务器中。

3.1 版本部分实现 EJB 3.1 ,包括完全支持 EJB 3.1 中的 Singleton Session bean ,主要的改进包括如下一些个方面:

EJB 3.1 features and EJB enhancements:

  • Singleton Session Beans
  • Constructor Injection
  • Spring Integration

Tomcat features:

  • Injection Support for JSF 1.2 ManagedBeans

Embedded features:

  • EAR-style aggregation of modules discovered in the classpath
  • ConnectorModule discoverable via the classpath (rar files)
  • PersistenceModule discoverable via the classpath
  • Improved JavaAgent/JPA enhancement for Unit Tests
  • Improved detection of testing and embedded scenarios
  • Improved classpath configuration searching
  • Property overriding for logging configuration
  • Property overriding for persistence.xml properties
  • VM-scoped Security for embedded scenarios
  • LocalInitialContext.close() to logout of embedded container
  • LocalInitialContext.close() to shutdown embedded container
  • JMS runs port-free in embedded mode
  • Automatically set eclipselink.target-server for EclipseLink
  • Automatically set toplink.target-server for TopLink
  • Automatically set hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class for Hibernate
  • Optimized annotation scanner to determine if a jar is an ejb jar more quickly

Standalone features:

  • Severely improved client performance over ejbd
  • Client Connection Failover and Request Retry
  • Client-side Connection Pool
  • Client connection KeepAlive
  • Graceful shutdown of client/server connections
  • Multicast discovery and grouping
  • EJBd protocol over SSL
  • JDBC/DataSource based login module
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