Eclipse Virgo 3.0.0.M01 发布下载

发布于 2011年02月24日
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Eclipse Virgo 一个全新的里程碑版本 3.0.0.M01 已经发布,并可通过 milestone download page 下载到.

3.0 产品线更紧密的和 Eclipse RT 集成,第一个里程碑版主要提供以下方面改进:

  • Provided an additional, prototype deliverable: Virgo Jetty Server. This is similar to Virgo Web Server, but based on Jetty, currently v7.3.
  • Improved Equinox integration:
    • Upgraded Equinox to 3.7M5.
    • Replaced Felix Configuration Admin and Event Admin with their Equinox counterparts.
    • Added command history and TAB completion to the Equinox console.
    • Rebased the regions implementation on OSGi framework hooks, destined for standardisation in OSGi R4.3, instead of composite bundles.
  • In preparation for p2 support, relaxed the order in which kernel bundles need to start by using Equinox Declarative Services.

我们希望本周末提供 3.0.0.M02 版本来修复 bug 337538( release notes).

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