Restlet 1.1.0 版本发布

发布于 2008年10月29日
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  • Broader and deeper HTTP support with features such as partial downloads, resumable uploads or content integrity validation.
  • Best support for the WADL specification in the industry, allowing an automatic and always in sync documentation of your REST APIs. WADL documents can be generated in XML or converted on the fly to HTML using the popular stylesheet from Yahoo!
  • One of the first and most complete implementations of the new JAX-RS 1.0 specification provided for those preferring an annotation-oriented approach.
  • New Restlet-GWT module provided, porting the client-side of the Restlet API to the popular Google Web Toolkit 1.5 JavaScript platform, allowing you to invoke RESTful applications right from your Web browser.
  • New extensions for easier integration with the JAXB 2.1, JiBX 1.1, Spring 2.5, OAuth, OSGi, Oracle XDB and SSL technologies.
  • Improved support for Atom Syndication XML format and for Atom Publishing Protocol. Both formatting and parsing are now available.
  • New POP3 connector based on JavaMail to access RESTfully to remote mail boxes.
  • New Grizzly HTTP server connector, first to fully leverage the NIO support in the Restlet API, leading to new levels of scalability and performance.
  • New internal HTTP client and server connectors to simplify development phases (zero configuration necessary) and allow very small footprint deployments.



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