Fotoxx 11.02 发布,数码相片处理软件

发布于 2011年02月02日
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Fotoxx 是一款 Linux 平台下用于处理照片的一个开源的自由软件,虽然不及大家熟知的“光影魔术手”的功能那么强大,但对于照片的日常上的简单处理还是足够了。可以进行简单的去 红眼,补光,模糊化,角度调整,裁减,形变,等等常用的照片处理。不过遗憾的是这款软件目前还没有中文版,对于英文差的朋友来说上手有点难度。


1. Apply retouch functions to any area of the image using the mouse, vary radius and strength, and apply incrementally.
2. Remove power lines and other small defects by substituting surrounding pixels.
3. Remove tourists from a photo by merging multiple shots from different times.
4. Edited curves (retouch functions) can be saved and re-used.
5. Assign images to named groups.
6. Pasted objects have better edge blending and can be rotated.
7. Panorama pre-align is simpler (check the user guide).
8. Tags (keywords) have been fixed to be compatible with Photoshop.
9. There are a few more minor improvements and bugfixes

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