JBoss Developer Studio 4 CR1 发布

发布于 2011年02月02日
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JBoss Developer Studio 的 Early Access site 已经提供了 CR1 版本的下载,你如果你需要跟 JBoss 企业应用平台绑定的版本,可到这里下载 here.


This release contains a few improvements over the last couple of betas that are worth mentioning.


Most of these stems from the change we made from using the horrible dropin feature of Eclipse to have a proper

P2 enabled Eclipse product build. This should make things like installation, startup and updates much smoother, simpler and in some cases faster.

New Directory Layout

There is no longer a seperate "eclipse" directory; everything related to JBoss Developer Studio is now in the "studio" folder and

instead of using raw eclipse to start you now uses the jbdevstudio, jbdevstudio.exe or the JBoss Developer Studio.app dependent on your

platform to launch.


If you have installed the EAP bundle jboss-eap still lives in /jboss-eap.

Runtime Detection/Setup

You can still use the "Server" page in the installer to setup JBoss server runtimes, but all this that was previously isolated in the installer is now also available from inside JBoss Tools under the Preferences for "JBoss Tools Runtime Detection". Here you can configure directories to scan for runtimes and it supports not only Server runtimes, but also standalone framework runtimes like Seam and Drools.

Welcome Screen

You will also now be greeted with a new shiny Welcome Screen:




...and of course the latest stable fixes and features from JBoss Tools 3.2.


Have fun!

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