Teiid 7.3 最终版发布,数据虚拟化系统

发布于 2011年02月02日
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今天我们很高兴的宣布 Teiid 7.3 正式版终于发布,主要特征包括:

  • Subquery Optimization - added rewrite to INNER JOIN for applicable WHERE clause subqueries. Also added cost based SEMI and ANTI-SEMI join handling for applicable non-pushed WHERE and HAVING subqueries.
  • Updatable Views
    • Added support to perform simple pass-through and more complicated updates through views by default.
    • Added support for "FOR EACH ROW" update procedure handling (similar to INSTEAD OF triggers in other DBMS's), which should be used instead of the deprecated TRANSLATE criteria approach.
  • Temp table enhancements - added support for the SERIAL datatype, which is a not null INTEGER that auto-increments, and the ability to specify a column as NOT NULL.
  • UDF - new API objects added to teiid-api to support user defined functions that are capable of pushdown to source.
  • Unescape Function - a new system function, unescape, was added to handle common \ escaping in strings including octal, hex/unicode, \b, \r, \n, \f, and \t.
  • Predicate Optimization - expanded optimizations for detecting always false conditions when using IS NULL, IN, or comparison predicates with literal values.
  • Partition-wise Optimizations - Views defined by partitioned unions (union alls where each branch has a projected literal or an IN predicate that makes its values mutually exclusive from the other branches) can be used in aggregation or joins and the optimizer will take advantage of the partitioning information. For example, when a partitioned union is joined against another partitioned union, the optimizer will reorganize the join of unions into a union of joins.
  • Delegate Translator - A new translator base class was added that is capable of delegating all the calls to another configured translator.
  • JDBC Reauthentication - Teiid connections (defined by the org.teiid.jdbc.TeiidConnection interface) now support the changeUser method to reauthenticate a given connection.
  • Lob Caching - Lobs are allowed to cache to disk as part of ResultSet caching. Distributed lob caching is not allowed.



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Note: the upcoming Teiid Designer 7.3 will be required to use the updatable view enhancements.

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