PostgreSQL 全分支安全更新

发布于 2011年02月01日
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PostgreSQL 开发组今天发布了所有分支版本的安全更新,包括 9.0.3, 8.4.7, 8.3.14 和 8.2.20.

这次更新包含 63 个bug修复:

  • Avoid unexpected conversion overflow in planner for distant date values;
  • Fix assignment to an array slice that is before the existing range of subscripts;
  • Fix pg_restore to do the right thing when escaping large objects;
  • Avoid failures when EXPLAIN tries to display a simple-form CASE expression;
  • Improved build support for Windows version;
  • Fix bug in contrib/seg's GiST picksplit algorithm which caused performance degredation.

9.0.3 版本还包含以下更新:

  • Ensure all the received WAL is fsync'd to disk before exiting walreceiver;
  • Improve performance of walreceiver by avoiding excess fsync activity;
  • Make ALTER TABLE revalidate uniqueness and exclusion constraints when needed;
  • Fix EvalPlanQual for UPDATE of an inheritance tree when the tables are not all alike.

详情请看 release notes


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