tvpvrd 3.0.0发布,电视节目自动录制软件

发布于 2011年01月31日
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tvpvrd 是一个高度灵活和可配置的数字电视节目录制软件,通过 TV 捕获卡来获取数据。

更新日志: The possibility to send HTML formatted mail was added with a new built in mail client based with a template system for mails. The possibility to specify an optional SMTP server to handle the mails was added. The option to specify recording commands in a batch file was added. The XML schema was updated for the database format. Remote debugging was added to allow an end user to easily generate a stack trace in the event of a crash. Compatibility was improved with some proxy servers that have restrictions on the character sets allowed for cookies. Additional commands were added.

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