BlackTie 3.0.0.M1 发布

发布于 2011年01月27日
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BlackTie 今天发布了 3.0 的第一个里程碑版本。


1. HornetQ transport - we have finally upgraded to HornetQ for increased performance and resilience in our underlying messaging provider, this is particularly good as we can now take advantage of the HornetQ InVM transport between stompconnect and the message broker for super efficient messaging!
2. AIX support - with some excellent work by a few of our community members we have managed to get Blacktie building and running on AIX!
3. Java stomp usage - we have simplified our Java client library so that it now utilises stomp rather than raw JMS for messaging, this greatly simplifies the administration of deployed clients
4. Extended buffer support - we have introduced the ability to describe the X_C_TYPE and X_COMMON buffers in XSD rather than the btconfig, this is the first part in extending these buffers for SOA style usage
5. Greatly enhanced queueing support - I will add a blog entry on this later today or this week



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