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Smooks v1.4 发布,XML转换框架
红薯 2011年01月20日

Smooks v1.4 发布,XML转换框架

红薯 红薯 发布于2011年01月20日 收藏 0 评论 0

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Smooks 是一款基于 LGPL 协议的开源 Java 框架,主要用于处理 XML 与 non-XML 格式 ( 包括 CSV,EDI,Java) 之间的转换。Smooks 于 2008 年 5 月发布 v1.0,目前最新的版本已是 v1.3.1。正如 Smooks 开发人员所言,“Smooks …让操作 XML, EDI,XML,CSV 变得更简单”。


  • EDI:
    • Out of the box support for UN/EDIFACT Interchange messages. (By: Bård Langoy, Renat Zubairov, Tom)
    • Allow the EDIParser (by explicit configuration) to ignore unmapped fields. (By: Christian Bach)
    • Added EDI Ojbect Serialization to EJC generated POJOs. (By: Tom)
    • Support for UN/EDIFACT UNA Decimal Point specification. (By: Nicolas Blanc)
  • A Dynamic Model Builder that allows you to process evolving configuration namespaces. Supports model reading and writing. (By: Tom)
  • Support for reading YAML messages. (By: Maurice Zeijen)
  • Create an OSGi compatible “smooks-all” module that assembles all smooks jars into a single jar. (By: Daniel Bevenius, Tom)
  • Apache Camel Integration. (By: Daniel Bevenius)
  • NumberFormat support for Numeric DataDecoders. (By: Tom)
  • Support for bean wiring by bean type and bean annotation. (By: Tom)
  • Simple event stream manipulation actions for renaming/removing elements/attributes. (By: Tom)
  • Restructured and easier to use User Guide. (By: Maurice Zeijen)
  • Restructured and easier to use Examples page. (By: Tom)


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