SCMS 1.0 RC1 发布,安全CMS系统

发布于 2011年01月19日
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SCMS 是一个安全内容管理系统的基础引擎,基于角色的面向对象设计,兼容 XHTML 1.0、Strict I/0 验证;定制 session 实现,支持基于 SSL 的 cookie 等,具备很强的安全特性,采用 PHP + MySQL 5 开发。


1. New User and Role views were added with paging, and Session and Login views were renamed.
2. A new configuration directive, RecordPerPage, was added.
3. A problem in which captchas were not being saved in the session was fixed.
4. The router now passes method parameters via URL (using reflection).
5. The font of captcha was changed to a clearer font, since the previous font made the numeral for one look like the letter "I".
6. An error controller was added for 404 and other SCMS errors.
7. The database now prevents reconnection if a connection is already present.
8. All hashed passwords are now salted using xor'ed scmsEncryption_Salt

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