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DB Solo 4.0 正式版发布
红薯 2011年01月18日

DB Solo 4.0 正式版发布

红薯 红薯 发布于2011年01月18日 收藏 0 评论 0

对数据库开发者和数据库管理员两者而言,DB Solo都是一款经济且功能强大的跨平台数据库开发和管理工具(非开源)。由于其丰富的功能设置,它与价格更高的其他同等级工具相比毫不逊色。DB Solo拥有直观的用户界面,能让你考察和管理数据库对象,也可执行你自己的ad-hoc查询。DB Solo支持现今各主流操作系统和DBMS产品。


1. The Server Comparison Tool was added, allowing one to compare server-level objects between two database servers.
2. The Server Scripting Tool was also added.
3. There is also a new procedure editor for PostgreSQL in this release.
4. Support for exporting and importing Server Connections from one DB Solo installation to another was added.
5. A folder compare tool was added, which allows you to compare and sync files between two folders on your hard-drive.
6. Support for Windows 7 and PostgreSQL 9 was also added

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