Cerberus Helpdesk 5.3.0 发布

发布于 2011年01月18日
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Cerb5 是一个快速灵活的 CRM 工具,可帮你记住所有人的任何事情,灵巧的进行邮件回复,对垃圾信息进行检疫,捕获回馈、跟踪时间、对客户机会进行标志、任务分享等等功能。

该版本包含来自社区的超过 100 项的改进:

1. Workspaces can be displayed in multiple locations.
2. Choosers provide autocomplete functionality for quicker data entry.
3. Entire mail conversations can be previewed from "peek" popups.
4. Call Logging tracks incoming and outgoing phone calls (e.g. reception, sales calls).
5. Feed Reader subscribes to RSS feeds and tracks actionable items in the helpdesk (e.g. blog comments, forum posts, wiki changes).
6. Attachments can be added to comments and the knowledgebase.
7. Worklist, copy, and explore functionality is added to more record types

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