PrettyFaces 3.2.0 发布,JSF的URL扩展

发布于 2011年01月18日
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PrettyFaces是一个JSF1.2和JSF2.0的扩展,用来创建便于书签收藏、漂亮的网址。 PrettyFaces优雅的解决了这个问题,包括诸如功能:网页装载行动,无缝的跟faces的导航整合,动态视图的ID分配和管理参数分析,无需配 置,兼容其他JSF框架。

该版本已经将授权协议由原来的 LGPL 改为 Apache,更加开放;pretty-config.xml 增加了 parentId 配置;可在纯 Servlet 环境(无JSF和相关jar支持)下运行。


Features & Enhancements:

  • Added ‘onPostback’ configuration parameter for query parameters (#24)
  • Added code-completion support for Eclipse Helios
  • Added ‘pretty:location’ client behavior
  • Added ‘onPostback’ configuration parameter for path parameters (#24)
  • New method PrettyContext.sendError() to send custom HTTP status codes (#66)
  • Added SPI hooks for ConfigurationProvider and ConfigurationPostProcessor
  • New @URLMappings annotation to declare multiple mappings on a single class

Regression impact:

  • Changed some method signatures in PrettyContext
  • PrettyFilter no longer wraps application exceptions in ServletException
  • PrettyException no longer extends javax.faces.FacesException
  • Began deprecation of <view-id>/view.jsp</view-id> in favor of <view-id value=”/view.jsp” />
  • com.ocpsoft.pretty.faces.el.BeanNameResolver SPI has moved to com.ocpsoft.pretty.faces.spi.ELBeanNameResolver
  • URL-mapping order is now properly respected in pretty-config.xml (and other config sources.)
  • Began deprecation of PrettyURLBuilder methods without the new ‘encodeUrl’ argument.


  • Fixed compatibility with Java 1.5
  • Fixed handling of non-ASCII characters in URLs
  • Fixed EL method invocation in JSF 1.1 branch.
  • Removed HttpSession accesses that could potentially create an unwanted user session. (#62)
  • Prevent downloading of web.xml DTDs during configuration
  • Fixed FacesConfigBeanNameResolver regarding space characters in URLs
  • PrettyFacesWrappedResponse no longer depends on FacesContext (#78)
  • PrettyFaces no longer injects values into EL if the response has been marked complete (#79)
  • Added documentation specifying the need to “double-escape” backslashes in custom regexes (#83)
  • Fixed annotation scanning if application is run with jetty-maven-plugin
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