Smart GWT 2.4 发布

发布于 2011年01月14日
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  • 兼容 GWT 2.1.1
  • Smart GWT 快速入门指南
  • 支持触摸屏和移动设备 : Support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with no code changes required.
  • 离线支持: The Offline subsystem provides features for storing and retrieving values in persistent browser storage. It is also seamlessly integrated into the normal DataSource request/response cycle. With a single property DataSource.useOfflineStorage you can enable automatic offline caching of recently fetched data so that if a user goes offline they still have access to last data they viewed.
  • User Defined data highlighting allows users to highlight important or unusual data values in a ListGrid or TreeGrid based on dynamic user defined rules instead of hard coding such logic for background and foreground cell colors within code. A Highlight Editor allows end users to fully configure such highlight rules to customize their view of the data.
  • Advanced Hover components allows any UI component to be added as a hover, such as a grid, chart or even a layout combining several components when hovering over a ListGrid or TreeGrid row.
  • 简化场景 : A new ultralight skin that is easily customizable and virtually image free. This can be viewed by selecting the “Simplicity” theme from the dropdown in the Showcase explorer.
  • IE 性能提升 : Performance improvements have been made across the board but some IE specific performance enhancements have been made and users can expect a significant improvement in responsiveness in IE.
  • 24 小时的日程支持 : The Calendar component now supports 24 hour time formatting.


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