Firebug 1.7a8 发布

发布于 2011年01月14日
收藏 0 发布了 Firebug 1.7a8 修复了28个问题,该版本要求 Firefox 4.0b10pre nightly build 或者等待 beta 10 的正式发布。

Following bugs yet need to be fixed in Firefox:

Some highlights from this release:

  • CSS panel is now displaying @font-face rules, issue 2748
  • Firebug shortcuts can be removed, issue 3664 + there are new shortcuts for text size commands, issue 3668
  • Better visual presentation of element attributes in DOM panel, issue 3790
  • Pressing F1 opens a help page, issue 3839 (of course Firebug UI must be opened and focused to execute this keystroke).
  • Inspector improved, issue 3861 and 3883

Give it a try and let us know if anything doesn’t work for you!

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