Apache Maven 3.0.2 发布

发布于 2011年01月13日
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** Bug
     * [MNG-4840] - Prerequisites is not working on m3
     * [MNG-4913] - [regression] User properties override equally named POM properties of transitive dependencies
     * [MNG-4915] - Versions in pom.xml are not checked for invalid characters
     * [MNG-4918] - MavenProject#clone() doubles active profiles
     * [MNG-4919] - Plugin execution contributed by lifecycle mapping gets lost when same goal is bound multiple times
     * [MNG-4923] - [regression] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.maven.artifact.ArtifactStatus
     * [MNG-4925] - Mismanagement of container lookup realm can cause type incompatibilities for plugins looking up components by string
     * [MNG-4933] - With a resource directory as . maven raise an java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException:217
     * [MNG-4941] - PluginDescriptorBuilder doesn't populate expression/default-value fields for mojo parameters
     * [MNG-4952] - [regression] RELEASE field of repository metadata is not updated upon repeated deployments
     * [MNG-4955] - [regression] Outdated remote snapshots are preferred over locally installed snapshots
     * [MNG-4960] - [regression] Make-like reactor mode does not build selected project when resuming from one of its prerequisites
     * [MNG-4966] - Preserve double slashes in the scm connection url - identifies absolute repository paths for mercurial

** Improvement
     * [MNG-4912] - Use of raw type should be Comparable<ArtifactVersion>
     * [MNG-4916] - Poor ProjectBuilder.build performance for projects with unresolvable extension plugins
     * [MNG-4922] - ExecutionEvent give on the exception encountered (when having mojoFailed)
     * [MNG-4926] - ExecutionEvent give on the exception encountered (when having projectFailed , forkedProjectFailed)
     * [MNG-4944] - Include JRE vendor in version info
     * [MNG-4950] - Javadoc improvements to DefaultSettingsWriter/Reader
     * [MNG-4953] - Issue a warning when a system-scope dependency refers to the project basedir

** New Feature
     * [MNG-4936] - Allow to better monitor and adjust a Maven build during CI
     * [MNG-4937] - Allow the platform scripts to avoid loading mavenrc content

** Task
     * [MNG-4945] - Remove mergeId from public POM
     * [MNG-4957] - Emit validation warning when project version uses irregular SNAPSHOT version string
     * [MNG-4959] - Update default plugin versions

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