RichFaces 4.0.0.Milestone5 发布

发布于 2011年01月12日
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RichFaces 发布了 4.0 版本的第五个里程碑版,增加了更多的组件,进一步提升稳定性,目前正在为 RC 版的发布做准备工作,主要是修复发现的一些bug以及做集成。


下面是该版本主要的改进内容,详情请看 Jira Release Notes

  • New components such as fileUpload, panelMenu, toolbar, drag'n'drop, and dropDownMenu!!
  • Added more advanced features to other components like calendar, and tree.
  • Client side validation is nearly ready for primetime! Server side functionality is complete, and the core client side is nearly ready. Ajax fallback support is already there, and as client side validators are integrated they will transparently begin to function. The CR1 release will have the final version of client side validation!
  • We've also improved the functionality of the CDK, and continued stabilization work for our core, and migrated components!
  • Our RichFaces Showcase demo has also been updated with new components, and features.
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