Jease 1.6 发布,Web内容网站开发框架

发布于 2011年01月05日
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另外 Jease 提供了一个完全 Ajax 驱动的内容管理系统作为一个最佳实践来带你快速学习 Jease。

New Features:

  • Added Registry by dropping the reflection-based detection of content/property-types and switching to an explicit XML declaration. It is now possible to put a content-definition along with an editor and appropriate XML-file into a single jar and drop it into Jease. This allows extension of Jease without touching the sources... another benefit: Jease works now as unexploded war too.
  • Added Factory which allows to predefine additional properties for content-types, so editing content automatically synchronizes the additional properties defined in the Factory for the content-type.
  • Added Item as general purpose content-type for storing properties (e.g. storing form results etc.pp.)
  • Created a Control-Panel for manual purging of revisions and cleared also the semantics of the revision parameters (0 means to ignore parameter completely, so that day/count can be used independently).
  • Added pluggable Authentication by introducing (optional) Authenticator via web.xml.
  • Allow to set node context via query string for the CMS (.../cms?path/to/node). This way it is possible to create edit-links in the web-site which point directly to the correct container to edit content in the CMS.
  • Added parser for Mediawiki-syntax to Codemirror. Codemirror is now the default editor for Wiki.
  • Refactored Searchresults into re-useable service and adapted existing templates. Added also a reusable Pager for server-side paging of content lists.

Major Changes:

  • Controller.jsp: Renamed "jsp"-parameter to more generic "page"-parameter and allow to include arbitrary resources (e.g. ZUL).

Minor Changes:

  • CMF: Make sure to set a proper container in JeaseSession.
  • CMS: Use CodeMirror as editor for plaintext in Text.
  • CMS:Separated Navigation from Login
  • Site: Some cleanups for stylesheets (default, demo, photo)
  • Build: Added ant-task for building war-file.
  • JFix: Changed mime-type for JSP from text/html to text/plain.
  • JFix: Moved updating of window title from general refresh to change handler, so fewer redraws are needed.

Bug fixes:

  • Mediafield: content type was set to application/octet-stream when no extension for content object was present. Thanks to Max for spotting this issue!
  • File: #getSize() could throw NPE when contentType was not set.
  • Properties: IntegerEditor used #getValue().intValue() whereas #intValue() should be used directly to avoid NPE for empty spinner control.
  • Site: Fixed possible NPE in Designswitch when Jease was deployed unexploded (e.g. in Jetty). #getRealPath() is (by spec) allowed to return null for unexploded wars.
  • The build-system was broken since removing the servlet-api.jar from distribution. Fixed also the build.xml which requires now CATALINA_HOME to be present for resolving servlet-api.jar.

Dependency updates:

  • Latest zk-codemirror
  • CKEditor: Finally the ZK-Team included my blur=forceBlur patch into the official repository, so Jease is running with official builds from ZK again.
  • Perst 425
  • Lucene 3.0.3
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