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Asunder 2.1 发布,CD抓轨软件
红薯 2011年01月04日

Asunder 2.1 发布,CD抓轨软件

红薯 红薯 发布于2011年01月04日 收藏 0 评论 0

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Asunder 是一款图形化的音频 CD 提取工具。你可以使用它将 CD 中的音轨以 WAV、MP3、OGG、FLAC 等格式保存到电脑中。此外,Asunder 也允许你使用 CDDB 来命名和标记音轨,并支持创建 M3U 播放列表。


1. Basque and Urdu translations were added.
2. A crash at startup that happened on some systems was fixed.
3. A bug where the selected destination folder was lost when the prefs window is open was fixed.
4. Some tooltips were fixed.
5. System umask is now obeyed when creating directories.
6. The year for file/directory names and tags is now editable.
7. -Y and -Z options are no longer passed to cdparanoia, for better quality rips

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