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Panoptes 1.4 发布,JMX监控平台
红薯 2011年01月04日

Panoptes 1.4 发布,JMX监控平台

红薯 红薯 发布于2011年01月04日 收藏 1 评论 1

Panoptes是一个基于JFace/SWT的图形化JMX Management 管理界面。Panoptes能够工作在任何JMX服务器如jboss,Tomcat 或其它J2EE服务器。


1. A new option to monitor a URL for content was added.
2. OS fingerprinting in discovery is supported via p0f.
3. Devices now display their worst status.
4. Parent/child DNumerous device tree and data store cleanups were done to no longer require page reloads.
5. The installation process was cleaned up.
6. Performance enhancements were made in the UI and in panoptes_discover.
7. Configuration options were added to set font for rrd graph error messages and to ignore ports in discovery.
8. Labels were improved for rrd listing.
9. A fix was made for building on systems that require dl for dlopen.
10. Init scripts and a spec file are now included in the distribution

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