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Java并行编程框架 JPPF 2.4 发布
红薯 2010年12月27日

Java并行编程框架 JPPF 2.4 发布

红薯 红薯 发布于2010年12月27日 收藏 6 评论 0

JPPF是一个开放源码的网格计算框架,它可以在一个分布执行环境中 同时运行多个java应用。JPPF框架使用一个兼容JCA 1.5规范的资源适配器与J2EE应用服务器进行集成,这个适配器为服务器提供了到原始网格服务的访问。


1. This version features new batch modes for the executor service facade, allowing a substantial throughput increase.
2. 文档重整:The documentation was reorganized for an easier navigation experience.
3. A new node extension point was added, enabling the subscription to every node's life cycle events.
4. A new sample was added to illustrate its use in a transactions management context.
5. 性能提升:Performance and memory footprint were enhanced, providing faster network I/O and smaller memory consumption.
6. BUG修复:Numerous bugs fixes and additional features are also part of this release

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