VDK 1.1.0 发布,VOIP开发工具包

发布于 2010年12月22日
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VoIP Development Kit (VDK) 是一个跨平台的 VoIP 应用构建框架,利用它可以非常快速和简单的创建使用 VirtualDev 技术的应用,你无需太多的 VoIP知识便可以创建你的第一个 VoIP 应用程序。


1. A bunch of new codecs, including G722, G728, and G723, are available on all platforms.
2. G729 is now available on all platforms.
3. .NET and Java helper modules are now part of the official distribution and are no longer separate packages.
4. HD Audio is supported.
5. A Noise Suppression API was added.
6. A low-level API was added, allowing you to get call details such as jitter, RTT, and packet loss.
7. Snow Leopard is now supported.
8. A few bugs and usability issues were fixed.
9. The internal architecture was restructured to integrate the long-awaited video feature

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