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Panoptes 1.3 发布,JMX监控平台
红薯 2010年12月20日

Panoptes 1.3 发布,JMX监控平台

红薯 红薯 发布于2010年12月20日 收藏 0 评论 0

Panoptes是一个基于JFace/SWT的图形化JMX Management 管理界面。Panoptes能够工作在任何JMX服务器如jboss,Tomcat 或其它J2EE服务器。


1. Context menus are now more aware of context.
2. Broken remove notification was fixed.
3. A broken initdb command line option was removed.
4. Discover can now automatically monitor user-defined ports.
5. Scripts were added for installing or upgrading the database.
6. A bug where discover may not terminate on SIGTERM was fixed.
7. A loading indicator erroneously displaying was fixed.
8. URL monitoring based on HTTP response code with timing monitoring was added.
9. The title from XML is used in performance monitor listing

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