IXThemes 1.0.4 发布,CMS主题模板系统

发布于 2010年12月20日
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XThemes 1.04 发布。XThemes用来为内容管理系统开发高质量的主题和模版创新性方案,支持 Web 应用平台包括:XOOPS, ImpressCMS, EXM System 等等

更新日志: A new CATALOGUE submodule has been created. The THEMES submodule has been updated. New icons for ALL submodules (for RMCommon GUI) have been added. A horizontal menu bar in the RM Common Utilities is now used. Activating a Theme (i.e. setting it as the default theme) from a THEMES table is now possible. A description field in the SLIDESHOW SCENARIOS table has been added. Addon Links from Index/Dashboard into submodules have been added. The CONTROL AREA3 (Chameleon Mode) field in the ASSIGNS table has been added.

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