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SmartGit 2 发布
老枪 2010年12月18日

SmartGit 2 发布

老枪 老枪 发布于2010年12月18日 收藏 3 评论 0

SmartGit 2 发布。SmartGit 是一个 Git 版本控制系统的图形化客户端程序。

更新日志: The log now allows you to perform certain branching-related commands directly (check out and add/remove) adds many commands (check out, add/remove tag/branch, merge, cherry-pick, reverse-merge, and rebase), can show moved or renamed files, lost commits, and allows you to compare two commits. SmartGit 2 supports sparse working trees and .gitattributes. Merge, cherry-pick, and the new reverse-merge (revert) have been unified. Rebase has been significantly simplified. Support for the hosting providers Beanstalk, Codebase, GitHub, and Unfuddle has been added.

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