PostgreSQL 2010-12-16 Bugfix 更新

发布于 2010年12月17日
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此次更新的版本包括:9.0.2, 8.4.6, 8.3.13, 8.2.19, 8.1.23.

另外这也是最后一次 8.1 版本的更新,8.1 版本已经不再被支持,建议用户立即升级,详情请看发布支持策略


  • Avoid failure when trying to report an impending transaction wraparound condition from outside a transaction. This oversight prevented recovery after transaction wraparound got too close, because database startup processing would fail, backpatched to all versions.
  • Fix recovery from base backup when the starting checkpoint WAL record is not in the same WAL segment as its redo point, backpatched to all supported versions.
  • Force default wal_sync_method to be fdatasync for Linux, backpatched to all supported versions.
  • Fix memory leak with ANALYZE and complex index expressions, backpatched to all supported versions.
  • Fix memory leak in contrib/xml2 functions, backpatched to all supported versions.
  • Fix for segfault in pgcrypto when attempting to access an undefined public key, backpatched to all supported versions.
  • Prevent inlining an SQL function with multiple OUT parameters, backpatched to all supported versions.
  • Fix bugs in WAL replay logic for GIN indexes, backpatched to 8.2.
  • Fix segfault when accept() or a call made right after accepting a connection fails when server is compiled with GSSAPI support, backpatched to 8.3.
  • Fix error handling in tempfile deletion with log_temp_files active, backpatched to 8.3.
  • Prevent slowing of of autovacuum workers because of leakage in cost parameter over life of worker, backpatched to 8.3.
  • Check for too many children before returning "okay to proceed", backpatched to 8.4.
  • Improve performance of internal tuplestore structures for window functions, backpatched to 8.4.

9.0.2 :

  • Fix low-risk potential denial of service against RADIUS login.
  • Make OFF keyword unreserved.
  • Fix bug in tracking of latest removed WAL segment in streaming replication.
  • Fix for buffer overrun in pg_upgrade.
  • Fix memory leak in autovacuum launcher.
  • Fix for race condition in transaction ID assignment and lock acquisition in hot standby.
  • Improve performance for parallel restore with many blobs.
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