Tikiwiki 6.1 更新版发布

发布于 2010年12月15日
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Tiki 社区发布了 Tiki Wiki CMS 6.1 更新版,该版本包含 250 项代码变化,主要是bug修复和已有功能的改进:

  • 持续更新 WYSIWYG 编辑
  • 默认工具条增加一个选择并上传文件的按钮
  • A new admin panel for Clipperz online password management
  • Improvements to CSS inclusion for newsletters
  • Many translation updates (from Tiki's interactive translation feature)
  • New and improved plugins for third-party media (such as Vimeo, Blip.tv, and YouTube) and generic buttons.
  • Updated plugin interface
  • New module: Tracker help
  • Export or show a wiki page in text-only format (useful to be used with Pretty Trackers)
  • Static text fields in Trackers can be sent with wiki-parsed text in notification emails.
  • New language.js file added to language folders to assist in translation of text and UI elements used in JavaScript functions.
  • and more!

详情请看 Release NotesTiki6 document 下载地址:http://tiki.org/download.

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