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Panoptes 1.2 发布,JMX监控平台
红薯 2010年12月14日

Panoptes 1.2 发布,JMX监控平台

红薯 红薯 发布于2010年12月14日 收藏 0 评论 0

Panoptes是一个基于JFace/SWT的图形化JMX Management 管理界面。Panoptes能够工作在任何JMX服务器如jboss,Tomcat 或其它J2EE服务器。


1. A broken default dojo URL was removed.
2. Custom icons were added for most of the menu items.
3. Broken preference display of current values was fixed.
4. Several fixes were made for XML generation for RRDs.
5. Failure to display shell and SNMP monitor RRDs was fixed.
6. A function to copy monitors from one device to another was added.
7. OID parsing was fixed for XML generation.
8. Timing monitors were switched to milliseconds from seconds.
9. Connect timing was made more accurate

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