Veusz 1.10 发布,Python科学图表库

发布于 2010年12月14日
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Veusz 是一个用来绘制各种科学图表的Python程序库,可导出为 Postscript 和 PDF 文档。包含一个易用的图形化界面,同时也有一些命令行接口以便直接在 Python 程序中调用。

Changes: This release includes two new plotting widgets, a box plot for plotting sample distributions and a polar graph. The data editing dialog box is much easier to use to create new datasets. There have been enhancements to the CSV reader. QDP files can also now be imported. Dates and times can also be written in local formats in data files. Datasets can be reloaded automatically at intervals. This release also includes several minor feature enhancements and a number of bugfixes, including an option to run silently without opening a window

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