FrontAccounting 2.3 正式版发布

发布于 2010年12月10日
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FrontAccounting (FA)是一个针对企业ERP供应链的网页会计系统。FA 允許多使用者、多語系和多國貨幣。 FA允许多使用者、多语系和多国货币。FA接续OpenAccounting (OA)这套已停止开发软体的发展,并有更进一步的进展,OA则是由WebERP衍生出来的。


1. All MySQL-specific functions were moved to
2. Excel reports that were broken for non-Latin encodings were fixed.
3. A new hooks system was added for easier creation of extensions.
4. LiverationSans_regular is now used as the font for Graphics instead of Vera.
5. Further sanitization checks are done.
6. Report menu display was improved.
7. Reference display was fixed in credit note edition.
8. The possibility to use a bank account instead of an AR account was removed.
9. A group code was added in the account groups list selector.
10. The check for fiscal years was improved.
11. A check is done for correct accounts before closure.
12. A warning is given if the opening balance in trial balance is not 0

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