Likwid 2.1 发布

发布于 2010年12月07日
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Likwid 全程是 Like I knew what I am doing. 该项目通过简单的一些命令行工具来支持开发人员开发高性能和多线程的程序。


1. Performance groups were improved in likwid-perfctr (NUMA group for AMD K10).
2. The new likwid-mpirun script was added, which is an mpirun wrapper to enable pinning for MPI and MPI/OpenMP hybrid applications.
3. likwid-perfctr supports output in files with placeholders for MPI parallel applications.
4. Thread domain M (Memory) was added for NUMA domains.
5. Documentation in the wiki and man pages was improved.
6. Pin functionality was integrated for likwid-perfctr.
7. likwid-msrD was added, which is an msr daemon to enable secure access to msr registers in security sensitive environments.
8. Many bug fixes and small improvements were made

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