Spring LDAP 1.3.1 发布

发布于 2010年12月03日
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Spring LDAP 是一个用于操作 LDAP 的 Java 框架。它是基于 Spring 的 JdbcTemplate 模式。这个框架能够帮助开发人员简化 looking up,closing contexts,looping through NamingEnumerations,encoding/decoding values与 filters 等操作。

该版本修复了 1.3.0 的一些问题。

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  • Added an Object-Directory Mapping (ODM) framework for annotation-based mapping between LDAP and Java objects; much like Hibernate or JPA, but for LDAP. Thanks to Paul Harvey for this contribution. (Docs)
  • Added an LDIF parsing library with an optional integration with Spring Batch. Thanks to Keith Barlow for this contribution. (Docs)
  • Added an extension to ContextMapperCallbackHandler that can provide the associated mapper with an indication that the response is different for each search result. (LDAP-185)
  • DIGEST-MD5 SASL authentication mechanism is now supported. Contributed by Marvin S. Addison. (LDAP-173)
  • AbstractTlsDirContextAuthenticationStrategy now provides a setter for customizing SSLSocketFactory used for TLS negotiation. (LDAP-180)
  • Added authentication methods that provide a possible authentication exception through an AuthenticationErrorCallback. (LDAP-192)
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